I shot this photo on one of the most clear, beautiful summer LA days I can remember.

It was the second to last intersection, and I knew right away this was the shot.

After about a year of staring at it, I finally found the inspiration needed for the song.

Greek mythology.

Crazy as it sounds, it all started with an inspiration to do some research into Medusa,

whose head can be seen painted on the building in the back ground.

Medusa lead to me to discover Perseus, who not only slayed Medusa and used her cursed head to slay the Kraken and save the beautiful Andromeda (whom he would later marry) but he also looks remarkably like the handsome gentleman who is the star of this shot.

I then discovered that both the Kraken and Hyperion were Titans.  Amazing!

Finally, both Perseus and Andromeda were eventually immortalized by Zeus who made them into constellations, saying “We shall forever remember them in the stars, for even when we Gods grow old and are forgotten, the stars will remain forever burning.”

This harkens to the motivation that brings so many people to LA…immortality through stardom.

In the background of the photo, on top of the hill, you will see the famous Griffith Park observatory - where many a constellation and Star for that matter have been observed over the years!