This is one of two intersections that inspired intersecting(LA).  When I was managing our band WAXAPPLES and would meet with our music attorney, I would sometimes drive home the length of Santa Monica Blvd.  I used to marvel at how different life was, for the people who could be found at this intersection, compared to the people found at Brighton & Camden in Beverly HIlls.  It’s interesting to me, because they are all living their own version of the American Dream.  Just at opposite spectrums.   When writing the lyrics for Santa Monica & Western, I thought a lot about the courage it must take to be an immigrant and of the Statue of Liberty’s message to the people of the world longing for a better day.  This is what I had in my heart for the people of Santa Monica & Western:

I’ve been on the road, for so long now

I’ve travel so far, to get to you

Day and night I work, day and night I slave In the land of the free and, the home of the brave 

I’ve been searching for a better day

Riding this bus, to a better day

They come and they go as they carry us along The body gets weary, but the spirit stays stong 

Love, you made a plea so long ago

To come to you, from a distant shore

Wretched, refused.  Homeless and lost

It’s hard to understand, just what those words cost 

   -Lyrics from Santa Monica & Western