I saw this gentleman riding his bike about two weeks before I went to shoot this part of town.  West Hollywood or WEHO as the locals call it.  I didn’t have my camera with me the first time I saw him and could have kicked myself because at that time, I didn’t realize that he made this trip regularly.

So I am set up a few weeks later, and several miles from where I last saw him, not even really remembering him at all, and not feeling great about the intersection I had chosen to shoot that day, when all of the sudden, there he was in all of his glory and I got the shot!

The nice thing about WEHO is, it’s ok to be gay or lesbian or transgender or bisexual, or straight or whatever there.  It’s a nice neighborhood with a twist and I absolutely LOVE that this man can ride his bike in his lingerie and mini skirt, with his wig and his red lipstick, and he is just fine.

I could get all political right about now, but this is about art, and diversity and celebrating the abundance of life found within a great big city.  I will say this “Judge not, lest thou be judged.”  Who was it that said that? :)