Hollywood & Highland – Where the midwest comes to experience Hollywood. I was here at noon on a Wednesday in the summer of 2010 surrounded by tourists and Hollywood freaks.

Down the street came a big green Hulk (a.k.a. man wearing cheap Hulk Halloween costume) and he was walking in character towards me. It was an amazing sight amongst the throng of people on the street and I was feeling pretty good about that being my shot.

I turned to take a few more photos in the other direction and snapped this photo now know as “The Hulk”, then my Flip camera went down and I was done for the day.

When I got home and started looking at the images, I was instantly taken my the man in the LA Dodger cap and as I looked closer I realized I had gotten a picture of the real life Hulk; an over built white man, in a ripped shirt. His knuckles were freshly scabbed over and there was a cut below an eye. You can see hospital bands on his wrist and he is carrying broken crutches and one of those bags they give you when you get released from the hospital. Right down to the Hulk green watch on his wrist, he was a real life Hulk. Amazing!